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Nick Georgiou – Book Sculptures

by Andy on January 11, 2011

in Art

Nick Georgiou from Queens, New York, has managed to use something as simple as old books & newspapers to create these bizarre sculptures. He finds pleasure in giving words life and transforming them into something new.

Nick Georgiou decribes his Art: “My art is inspired by the death of the printed word. Books and newspapers are becoming artifacts of the 21st century. As a society we’re shifting away from print consumption and heading straight towards full digital lives. My sculptures are products of their environment —both literally and figuratively. As often as I can, I use local newspapers to add authenticity, and the form the sculpture takes is a reflection of the personal connection I feel to that particular city.”

Most of his sculptures can be spotted on the streets of New York City, but some of his collections have also being displayed in galleries. He tears apart books by hand to create his installations. Both tourists and New York citizens are attracted to these art pieces and will often stop to take photos.

For more visit Nick Georgiou’s Website.

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