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Cool, Clever & Creative Staircase Designs

by Andy on October 6, 2009

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In modern minimal houses the staircase can be an area where the designer gets to let there creative juices flow. The staircase can often become a central feature of a modern home and creates a focal point around which the design can grow. The staircase can also become a place for extra storage and when munipulated correctly can create an interesting space with a unique feel. Be it a cool design feature or a place for extra storage, the design of stairs is becoming ever more varied and inventive. Below we have collated the some of the most creative, ingenius and amazing staircase designs that we could find.

Floating Staircase

Skateboard Stairs

Glass Stairs

Under The Stairs Storage Ideas

Amazing Bookcase Stairs

Clever Wheelchair Access Stairs

Stylish Curvy Staircase

Space Saving Stairs

The Disappearing Stairs

Free Hanging Box Stairs

Curving Marble Staircase

Shelving Stairs

Double Spiral Floating Staircase

Tree-trunk Staircase

Wooden Staircase With Slide

Artistic Staircase

  • Home Decoration

    incredibly beautiful

  • Plankton

    nice post!!

  • Bertha Brickner

    Those staircases with the slides are wacky! Hahaha! Imagine that in your office building. LOL! Oh, and that disappearing staircase sure is an awesome space saver for your house.

  • Espa├žo Home

    Escadas fabulosas 

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